Dark Angus

Half-orc "Frenzied Berserker" Barbarian


12th Level
STR 21, CON 18, DEX 17, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 16
AC 27 ( Marauder’s Earthhide Armor +3)
FORT 27, REF 24, WILL 22
HP 99
Dark Angus charges whenever possible, using a Vanguard Execution Axe +3.
Weapon: Vanguard Execution Axe +3
Arms: Bracers of Mighty Striking
Head: Horned Helm
Neck: Steadfast Amulet +2
Waist: Belt of Lucky Strikes
Hands: Strikebacks
Rings: RIng of Giants
Feet: Boots of Eagerness


Dark Angus openly proclaims his belief in Kord, who created half-orcs by combining the best features of humans and orcs. Dark Angus boasting of the superiority of half-orcs over mere humans and orcs, hides his shame of those traits originating from a certain ancestor. Dark Angus freely speaks of his half-orc parents, who raised him to be a proud worshipper of Kord. The truth lies deep within a secret hidden in his twisted family tree. His father was born a bastard, who married his mother, a peasant half-orc female. His mother’s parents disowned her for the shame she brought upon the family, for choosing to share her life with a “unworthy” bastard.

Dark Angus

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