Legends of War

What Could Go Wrong?

Brindol is a large town in an area known as the Elsir Vale. The town proper is populated mostly by humans, dwarves and half-elves, with halflings, known locally as the “river people”, swelling the population every few months, when their nomadic wanderings bring them to the area. However, the town is large enough that all races are represented in some manner.

A group of hereditary landlords makes up two thirds of the ruling council of Brindol, while the rest is made up of guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Warden Harrik Orenna is the public face of the council and commander of the city militia. Like any political group, there are rumors on the street of graft and embezzlement, but overall most townsfolk are happy with the way things are run.

Brindol and the Elsir Vale is a relatively safe place to live compared to world at large, although lately there have been talk of strange raids and disappearances on outlying farms. It has not always been so, however; twenty years ago a hobgoblin army known as the Red Hand of Doom, came storming through the Elsir Vale on a crusade of conquest. The goblinoids were supported by full blooded dragons and other dragonkin devoted to the mistress of greed and evil, Tiamat. The army was finally stopped by a party of adventurers who made their stand at Brindol, and effectively turned the tide of invasion. The adventurers are celebrated as heroes and saviors, honored with life sized statues in the Field of Victors.

Currently the city is preparing for its annual festival, the Festival of Heroes; a festival to celebrate the heroes of times past, and more recently the heroes of Brindol who stopped the rampaging army from devouring the Elsir Vale. This year’s festival is especially anticipated because of the unrest recently in the countryside, and it is the twenty year anniversary of the victory over the Red Hand of Doom. The Field of Victors will be taken over by various competitions and events. Obstacle courses, eating contests, archery events, non lethal melees, and arcane duels are all possibilities should someone wish to partake in any of the events. The day is ended with a speech by the Lord Warden, followed by a council sponsored feast in the Field of Victors. However, the true prize on these days is to win a place at one of the inns or taverns to get the specially prepared and exotic meals, imported especially for the festival.

The morning has begun early today in Brindol, with most townsfolk preparing for the upcoming Festival of Heroes. Should you be walking the streets, you might see halflings offloading their barges with extra foodstuffs for the feast, farmers carting in their produce to sell in market square, the smell of bread wafting through the streets as the bakers work to meet the days needs, covered wagons bringing in supplies to set up for the events and many more sights and smells. The air is electric with anticipation on this clear summer day. Everyone seems to be looking forward to the celebration; small problems being figured out decisively; arguments being settled quickly; you get the impression that nothing can blemish this special day. What could go wrong?


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